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I am a collector like you, and I love browsing online stamps listings maybe too much. This project was born out of frustration with traditional eBay search results. Default search engine settings do not take into account listings on international websites and require number of mouse clicks, and subsequent keystrokes necessary to change default search attributes. Our website mitigates this problem by transforming the search process from a complex endeavor into a friendly one-click stamp search. Moreover, our search returns many more listings of stamps, postal history and other philatelic items through refining search terms and using Boolean operators. project provides stamp collectors with one-click access to classic and modern (country-specific) and thematic (topical) stamp lists on eBay. We don’t make people register or anything, we simply help stamp collectors and online buyers to find what they want on eBay by using our search interface.

Our user-friendly interface designed specifically for browsing, watching, and monitoring new stamp listings in real-time. Click on the {preview} link and watch real-time status of new stamp listings. Researching your prospective products before you buy can help.

Where we differ from other websites is that we not only present information about current listings, but we also offer information about completed stamp listings. eBay's completed listings are a treasure trove of stamp sales data. Browsing completed stamp auctions is a very good way to research similar items, compare prices, and also find out what sales techniques worked and which ones failed. Compare like items and see why some stamps sell for more than others. Was it the ad? The picture? The time the auction ended? The start price?

We are not advertiser driven website which allows us to offer you the most organized, comprehensive information anywhere under one site.

Read more on this topic in our blog entry.

If you have any suggestions, comments or criticisms of this site, or want to report broken links, we'd like to hear from you. You can reach us by email.

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