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Have you ever wondered what the most expensive stamp is that eBay sells?
Everyday we compile list of the world's most valuable stamps and collections on the market. These are some of the world's most expensive stamps, and the prices are as unique as the stamps.
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The most expensive stamp listings found:    

  Item    Price Ends

 US # 4806d (2013) $2(x6) MNH - S98 w/PSE Cert- Un- INVERTED CENTER - Rare/Scarce   $6,000,000.00 3d 0h 48m 39s

 NobleSpirit (PRC) CHINA PRC $1,600,000 Million MNH Dealer INVENTORY!   $1,200,000.00 25d 3h 6m 11s

 US # 4806d (2013) $2(x6) MNH-FVF75 w/PSE Cert- Un- INVERTED CENTER- Rare/Scarce   $1,000,000.00 2d 3h 4m 46s


  Five (5) Rare Old Post Cards, Two (2) Constitutions, Fifteen (15) Rare Stamps   $749,000.00 3d 18h 10m 12s

 US # 4806e (2013) $2 (x1) MNH-XF90 w/PSE Cert- Un- INVERTED CENTER- Rare/Scarce   $580,000.00 14d 21h 21m 35s

 New Zealand 2730a (2004) $2 OLYMPIC Stamp - INVERTED CENTER w/Cert {Scarce/Rare}   $525,000.00 18d 12h 31m 14s

 US # 4488a (2010) MNH EFO: Vert. pair, Horiz, unslit between - Rare SCARCE!   $495,000.00 22d 2h 50m 35s

 NobleSpirit (MEX Mexico $1,200,000 Million 698-706, C54-C61 MINT SHEET DISCOVERY   $390,000.00 25d 3h 9m 48s

 CHINA 1910, Scott 125-Variety, Unlisted ERROR EXTREMEMLY SCARCE "3-FIRE-LINES"   $330,000.00 2d 5h 7m 27s

 NobleSpirit USFV Incredible $380,000 US Mint FACE VALUE Inventory!   $325,000.00 2d 6h 59m 25s

 NobleSpirit NO RESERVE {ALB} Once in A Lifetime Albania $1,900,000 MILLION Stock   $308,750.00 2d 7h 48m 25s

 CHINA 1925, SCOTT 274a-Inverted Surcharge-GUIDELINE ERROR, CAT $ 275-350,000.00   $280,000.00 6d 12h 19m 40s

 Buffalo Stamps, Amazing Life-time Achievement USA Collection, SCV > $1.2 million   $250,000.00 22d 3h 43m 52s

 Two George Washington Two Cent Stamps   $225,000.00 13d 23h 27m 42s

 ?[%75OFF] US Stamp 1869 Scott 121b CV $900,000 [MNH,30c,FlagInvert,UltraCarmine]   $225,000.00 21d 21h 21m 29s

 #596 Used with Machine Only 1 or 2 Others Exist -- SEE DETAILS (GP2 7/19/19)   $189,000.00 3d 1h 24m 15s

 A Philatelic RARITY - 1923 Danzig-STRANGEST error EVER! MI 152(2) SC129- 2 certs   $188,888.88 17d 14h 8m 54s

 One George Washington Two Cent Stamp   $175,000.00 13d 23h 25m 34s

 Noblespirit {8430} 1840-1940 $1.7 Million Stamp Collection 121 CERTIFICATES!   $162,500.00 1d 5h 13m 27s

 NobleSpirit SUPERB GEM MINT China PRC Near COMPLETE 6 vol MASSIVE CV!   $160,000.00 18d 5h 31m 27s

 HUGE USA & WORLD POSTAGE STAMP COLLECTION 1850's-present GRANDFATHER'S   $149,999.00 1d 12h 40m 12s

 1870s FRANCE MINI COVER TRANSPORTED BY PIGEON, MAJOR RARITY, L@@K   $150,000.00 23d 22h 35m 55s

 Sassone 2019: Di Vitt. Em. II 1861 2 10c Used: Price: 145000,00 Euros   $1.00 19d 3h 41m 36s

 US # 114 (1869) 3c Used- Grade: VG-EFO:Split grill w/Preprinting Paper Fold RARE   $129,000.00 27d 0h 53m 17s

 US #72 (1861) 90c Used - XF+ - EFO: Guide Line LR Corner 1/200 - Extremely Rare!   $129,000.00 10d 4h 56m 35s

 SG. 434 - 438. NCom5 - Ncom 9. d - 1.00. 1929 Postal union Congress.   $127,136.13 25d 20h 59m 44s

 #121b 30 1869 INVERTED FLAGS - ONLY 40 KNOWN - XF WITH PFC -EXT RARE WLM397 KEY   $125,000.00 10d 5h 27m 44s

 FIUME MNH ** unknown stamp - half sheet , thin porous paper type B , 4th row err   $125,000.00 25d 19h 58m 4s

 US #1894c (1981) 20c -MNH-EFO: {99% - Dk Blue Omitted} sheet 100 - Scarce/Rare   $125,000.00 22d 23h 40m 16s

 US #8Xu1 (1845) 5c-New Haven, Conn.{Postmaster Provisional} Bklt reprint of 1932   $120,000.00 28d 12h 34m 35s

 NobleSpirit 3970 The Unique ABN PANAMA Plate PROOF Collection!   $117,000.00 2d 5h 38m 21s

 NobleSpirit Once in A Lifetime $750,000+ (3/4 Million Dollar) US Stock   $107,250.00 24d 3h 20m 50s

 NobleSpirit 9021 COLOSSAL CV US COMPLETELY MINT Specialized Album w Certs & BoB   $107,250.00 6d 2h 51m 13s

 NobleSpirit {8618} GEM MINT US SINGLES & PLT BLK COLL W/ ZEPPELIN BLOCKS   $104,000.00 25d 3h 7m 43s

 China Post Office 50th Anniversary $50 Stamp Steel Gravure Carving Plate, Unique   $99,995.00 29d 23h 23m 1s

 ???????????"?????"????? unlisted FUKIEN local SILVER YUAN 15c surcharge   $100,000.00 4d 14h 8m 4s

 China Stamps C94 Stage Art of Mei Lanfang 4 sets   $99,999.00 28d 22h 24m 8s

 Original engraving printing plate 2 dollars Edward 1903 Hong Kong China stamp R   $98,000.00 24d 21h 10m 27s

 CHINA 1897, Scott 90-Variety Unlisted Scarce Omitted-DA CHING KUO DESIGN Error   $95,090.00 14d 13h 43m 56s

 NobleSpirit {PRC} Colossal CV China RoC & PRC Estate OVER 800 Photos!   $94,250.00 20d 7h 19m 9s

 L.N S07 # Qatar Extremely Rare Specimen set ,1 ISSUE 1973   $90,000.00 12d 7h 26m 4s

 L.N S06 # Middle East Qatar and Dubai Extremely Rare Specimen set ,1960   $90,000.00 12d 7h 21m 44s

 CHINA 1882, Scott 6/5c BLK-4, MINT,NH,OG/US 1908,SCOTT 314A-REG MAIL $100000.00+   $90,000.00 6d 12h 21m 25s

 OLD US STAMPS COLLECTION 12 PAGES   $89,745.00 6d 12h 18m 16s

 China stamps russia red army occupation Dalian military used 1945-1950   $88,888.88 19d 7h 43m 5s

 MONGOLIA-Bayandalai Keerqin left three Qi joint Paper MoneyONLY ONE KNOW!!!!!   $88,888.88 2d 16h 39m 30s

 CHINA Dragon Stamps Proof Sheet TETE-BECHE ERROR!!!! SEE SCAN!!!!!! RRRR   $88,888.88 8d 22h 25m 59s

 Penny Star (SA/TL) imperf The Fantastic BOTTOM 2 ROWS Ex Maximus A GREAT RARITY   $89,378.61 19d 5h 23m 53s

 #119b 15c 1869 INVERTED CENTER COMPLETE SOUND - PSE, PFC, APSC SMQ $90K WLM9092A   $79,000.00 17d 1h 47m 18s

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